Chloe Cherry, Kendra Spade - No Experience, No Problem

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A cheerful Chloe Cherry shows Kendra Spade, a new coworker, to her new workspace, which is simple and in front of a big window with a view. Chloe enthusiastically tells her where everything is, insisting that she’s working nearby and is there if Kendra needs her. Kendra is grateful for her friendliness, thanking her for the help since she just graduated college and is new to the whole working thing. She’s super excited to be there and is eager for Chloe to teach her all kinds of new things, and Chloe suddenly swoops in, planting a big kiss on her lips! Kendra pulls back, shocked as Chloe continues on with gliding her hand slowly down her arm. Kendra’s totally not gay! She doesn’t mean to offend Chloe or anything, but she doesn’t s