Sybil A, Tracy Lindsay - Faux Pas

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When stunning blonde Tracy Lindsay leaves the room to take a phone call, naughty Sybil A can’t resist going through her stuff. Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins with this "Faux Pas," as the sexy brunette finds a vibrator in her friend’s dresser drawer and holds it against her crotch to feel the vibrations. When Tracy returns, she puts it away – but in her haste, she forgets to switch it off. Tracy is amused and aroused, and uses the toy to finish what Sybil started, rubbing it between her thighs as they kiss and undress each other. She holds the vibrator against Sybil’s clit, making her moan softly, adding her tongue to really drive her girlfriend wild. After a powerful orgasm, Sybil sucks Tracy’s stiff nipples; the blonde bomb